How to correctly and anonymously hack someone else's messenger?
To explore other people's dialogues, access to photos and videos, you can use the help of third-party spyware. More advanced users can use viruses or trojans, but for those who do not possess programming skills, a normal application is suitable. They are presented in large numbers on the Internet, you can download them on your phone or computer. It all depends on which device is more convenient for you to spy phone the correspondence.
Attention! When downloading third-party programs, make sure that they do not harm the operating system.
Aliens in WhatsApp - read from another phone
Download the program to the selected device.
Install it in accordance with the instructions.
Start and select the menu.
The number of the person you are sending the message to should be written in your phone book. Be sure that the user never guess that you are reading his messages, because the programs work completely anonymously.
Send a message to a person, it does not matter what the content is, the main thing is that he responds to it.
As soon as you receive a response message, the program considers the transmitted code and with its help decrypts the rest of the correspondence.
So, you can study in detail the other's messages and the attached files. You can participate in the user's correspondence from your phone or not - it depends on the functionality of the downloaded program.
Depending on the chosen program, the installation steps and the interface are different. Typically, the developers do not complicate it, so that they can use the user without programming skills.